Trade Information Portal

This portal provides the latest available trade- and investment- related statistics on CAREC members as well as relevant information, relevant government websites, and CAREC trade focal points. A work in progress, the ultimate objective is to be a one-stop shop of all information on CAREC trade to help reduce search costs for businesses, aid policy analysis and dialogues, and support compliance with transparency and publication commitments under the World Trade Organization.

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What's Inside

Regional Summary provides the value of imports and exports of goods and services, and foreign direct investment inflows and outflows of CAREC countries. It also lists the top export products of CAREC as a whole.

Country Statistics provide the top exports and their main markets, top imports and their main sources, and main trading partners for goods; services exports and imports by type of service; and foreign direct investment inflows by source and outflows by destination country.

Trade Process provides the links to official country websites that contain information on the requirements and procedures of foreign trade.

Directory provides the names of the Appointed Representative of Country to the Regional Trade Group (RTG), Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC) Focal Person, and SPS Regional Working Group (RWG) members from each country.

Batumi Port in Georgia (photo by ADB)